"Dhak" is my first film. In 2D classical method. From concept to execution it taught me the entire process of film making.


This film " Mahaveer" was my second film exploring 2D and 3D mediums of animation. The initial few seconds are only the Animatic but the rest of the film is in real animation. With my direction, the film was executed with four more animators and compositors.


Concept design for a title sequence of a feature film.


This was a concept I did for a denim garment manufacturer who wanted to get todays generation's attention and a new way to looking at the life. Which will encourage people to do what they wanted to do in life rather than just becoming a slave to the system. To encourage them to be courageous enough to choose the path where the passion drives the self and look alive.


My contribution to the film is editing, visual effects and a bit of animation.


It's a music video for kids which was done with a small team of animators as a commercial work.

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Film Making is a beautiful journey of a creative path enjoyed by filmmakers, through which I always try to bring out my ideas, thoughts and my feelings. .