• Domain skills: Specialised in Applied Art, Film Design and Creative Visualization, Client Management, Estimation and Talent development.
  • Creative skills: 2D Animation, Storyboarding, Graphic Design, Illustration, character Design, UI design.
  • Software Skills: Adobe Creative Suite [all], CorelDraw, SoundForge.

I have been teaching film making to people who are willing to make a film but unable to start, or their thought process are not in the main stream. I try to help them thinking in the right direction, motivate them, and encourage them to come up with their own films from their own ideas.

Something else

Recently I have been working on space design in museums, malls and exhibition halls. It involves working with researchers and scholars to understand the content and visualize the space as an experience. Working for the museums brings on the challenges of communicating effectively with the visitor. Understand visitor’s expectations and knowing their understanding, and then design the route of the journey, to narrate the story. It's a different way of storytelling. Over the period of time I have accrued the skills of working with the space and designed them. But, most of those works are not in my online portfolio due to Non Discloser Agreements.

I love to work with traditional methods as well as digital mediums. I am passionate about figure drawings, portraits, oil paintings and pencil sketches.

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