Featured Projects


Film Making is a beautiful journey of a creative path enjoyed by filmmakers, through which I always try to bring out my ideas, thoughts and my feelings.


For me it’s the first visual representation of the film. That always needs editing, shuffling frames and determining angles. But it’s the basic route of filmmaking.


My illustrations are mostly commissioned work done for very different nature of the business. But for me the communication and having fun is always a priority.

TV Commercials

Every time I try to work with my favorite style of animation, which is a little sketchy and with morphing as transitions. But adopt some different styles as well.

Character Design

It’s equal to writing about a character and a world around it. It’s choosing every word carefully, according to the characteristic of the character.

UI Design

I got a chance to learn from the best guys in the industry. I lead a team of very energetic UI designers who come out with some amazing designs in the process.

Recent Projects

Character Design

Few days back there was a requirement of a character design for a website, which needed a good amount of brainstorming, and understanding of the stylization which was already established. I made some quick sketches of the character...

Concept Design

It was a great experience. I had to undestand the space, without being in the space, then redecorate the space as per the human scale. The interesting part was to design some props which will add values to the visuals of the interior and will samulteniously interact as a furniture ...